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Videopokergames has a similar history to slots. The initial slots that were developed during 1891, Sittman and Pitt, truly used 50 card characters on five rollers. The Ten of Spades and Jack were deleted because this made it more difficult to accomplish poker hands like straights, since these two playing cards completed the maximum straights. Normally, bettors would get drinks or cigars when getting a good poker hand.

In 1899, Charles Frey introduced the well-known Liberty bell slot. Playing card symbols were substituted with horseshoes, bells, spades and hearts, as opposed to Queens, Kings and so on. Rather than poker hands making-up winning arrangements, the gamblers needed to strike a certain arrangement of the symbols to get a payout. For several years, poker hands were not shown on any slots.

Then, in the year 1970, we observed the release of vegasvideopoker. Dale Electronics presented the Poker-Matic internetvideopkr game. These machines were commonly found in the gaming rooms of Las Vegas, but they did not prove a big hit.

Using the latest technological advancements, in 1975, the pioneer video slot was introduced by Walt Fraley in Vegas. They did not start off too popular since gamblers did not have faith in the payoffs of the units because they could not observe the real reels rotating.

The turning point for video slot machines was actually because of videopkr. In the year 1979, the company IGT (once known as SIRCOMA) released Draw Poker. It was extremely popular by itself but also increased the faith factor in video-slots because it employed identical technology and not actual reels. Both games experienced a rush of fame with the virtualvideopoker machines in the lead.

During the eighties, the popularity of webpokervideo as well as slots increased. Gamblers that had previously felt scared by the traditional casino table games had at last found comfort on the games.

While technology has advanced and better games have been made, the fame of netvideopkr has continued to grow. Many variations of the gambling game have been released.

The net has also proved to elevate the exposure of videopoker. High-speed Internet has allowed numerous players to bet on the internet and introduced the game to countries or areas that do not presently have live gaming rooms.

In 1994, Micro-gaming established the pioneer internet-based casino software, and has since presented numerous variations of videopkr along with competing computer software providers.

While the fame of Poker increases and the internet-based computer software`s turned out to be more and more player-friendly and faster installation, so the popularity of virtualvideopoker looks bound to continue growing.

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