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Videopoker possesses a close history with slot machines. The first slot machines that were introduced in 1891, Sittman and Pitt, really used 50 card indicators across five rolls. The Ten of Spades and Jack were removed because it made it harder to put together poker hands like straights, as these 2 playing cards completed the most straights. Typically, bettors would get drinks or cigars for hitting a successful poker hand.

In 1899, Charles Frey released the well-known Liberty bell slot. Playing card characters were replaced with hearts, spades, bells and horseshoes, instead of Kings, Queens and so on. Instead of poker hands making winning arrangements, the bettors were required to strike a set amount of the characters to obtain a payoff. For several years, poker hands were not found on any machines.

Then, in the year 1970, we saw the release of videopoker. Dale Electronics presented the Poker-Matic videopokergames machine. They became commonly seen within the gaming rooms of Vegas, but they were not very popular.

Making use of the latest technology, in the year 1975, the first video-slot was released by Walt Fraley in Las Vegas. The machines didn`t start off too popular since bettors did not have faith in the payoffs of the units because they could not view the actual reels turning.

The increase in popularity of video-slots was in fact because of webvideopkr. During 1979, the company IGT (at the time known as SIRCOMA) released Draw Poker. It was hugely popular by itself and also boosted the belief factor on video slots as it employed similar technology and not rotating reels. Both games saw a surge in fame with the pokervideogame units leading the way.

Throughout the 80s, the fame of virtualvideopoker and slot machines increased. People who had previously felt scared by the common casino table games had at last established comfort on the games.

As science has improved and better machines have been released, the fame of webvideopoker has continued to grow. Numerous new versions of the betting game have been released.

The net has also helped to elevate the popularity of onlinepokervideo. High-speed connections have enabled endless bettors to bet on the web and presented the gambling game to nations or areas that don`t even offer live gambling sites.

In the year 1994, Micro-gaming created the very first internet-based gambling software, and has since released numerous types of online poker along with competing computer software developers.

As the fame of Poker in itself expands and the online software`s turned out to be more consumer-friendly and quicker downloading, and thus the popularity of pokervideogame looks determined to continue increasing.

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